HD Camcorder Giveaway

This month (Oct 2014) we’re giving away a free HD camcorder to any business that enquires about having a promotional video created for them. Simply get in touch to arrange a meeting at Slickshoot HQ & you will be presented with the camcorder upon arrival. In order to qualify your company must already have it’s […]

HD Camcorder Give Away


Come & have a chat with us about having a promotional video created for your business & you’ll walk away with a shiny new HD camcorder

The Value of Video for Customer Engagement

Blog 15/10/14

Here we will delve into some of the reasons why video content is so beneficial in regards to customer engagement and the type of videos consumers find most useful.

Slickshoot, an enterprising new video production company – 07/11/13


A great encouragement to our new business was this great article that was written about us.