NECC Member 2 Member Offer – HALF price promotional video

Slickshoot is a proud member of the NECC in 2015 as it celebrates 200 years of North East business.

In celebration we have an exclusive offer for you, our fellow members, a bespoke promotional video created for your business at half the the usual cost. In addition, as Slickshoot is a registered provider for NBSL you could qualify for a grant of up to 40% towards the cost of this video reducing the total amount to under £360 + VAT.

Even without the NBSL funding the cost is still only £599 + VAT, representing a genuine 50% discount on the usual cost.

You will get a fantastic return on your investment by using your promotional video on your website, YouTube, across social media, as part of an email campaign, at trade shows, networking events, for presentations and on TV screens around your premises.

Please send us a quick email or give us a call if you’d like to find out a little more about how we could create one of the most useful marketing tools you’re likely to have.

Please take a look at our showreel below to see the quality of work we produce & have a look at past projects in our portfolio.

Terms & Conditions
  1. This offer is only applicable to NECC members who appear in the business directory found at
  2. Preparation for creating your video will only commence once a signed copy of these terms & conditions (these will be emailed to you) are received by Slickshoot.
  3. If you’re due to receive NBSL funding towards the cost of this video all of the appropriate NBSL paperwork MUST be in place before we begin production of your video otherwise your grant may be jeopardised. It is YOUR responsibility to complete the NBSL application form & gain approval as we will not get involved in this process beyond our responsibility directly with NBSL.
  4. This offer only applies to a live action video product & not animation. Please let us know if animation is your preferred medium & we can discuss further.
  5. Your final video will have a minimum duration of 60 seconds & a maximum duration of 90 seconds dependant on script length & visual content.
  6. The video will be supplied with a licensed music track & a voice over recorded by a professional voice over artist.
  7. The script for the voice over will be developed between us (Yourself & Slickshoot). Slickshoot will create the first draft using information provided by yourself. This will be supplied to you for review at which point you are able to provide us with comments for any changes that you feel are required. Once they have been discussed & any revisions implemented, a final version of the script will be issued to you for approval.
  8. Unless you state a preference during the script development stage we will choose an appropriate voice over artist on your behalf that we feel suits your individual video requirements best.
  9. We will only proceed with the shoot once we have received confirmation of your approval of the final script.
  10. If you have not specified a particular music style we will choose an appropriate music track for use on your video.
  11. We will shoot for a maximum of a single day at a single location within the area that the NECC covers. There will be a single camera operator on the shoot & no sync sound will be recorded unless previously arranged.
  12. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure any members of staff that are likely to be filmed are made aware of the impending shoot & that you have obtained permission to allow us to film them & use this footage in your video.
  13. It is YOUR responsibility to inform us of any health & safety risks or precautions that may relate to us while we’re on your premises filming.
  14. Our own health & safety risk assessment will be drafted from any information that you provide us, a copy of which will be available upon request prior to shooting.
  15. A single static card will appear at the end of the video which will provide the viewer with all your relevant contact details. You will need to supply us with a digital version of your company logo & confirm the contact details that you’d like to appear.
  16. A discreet line of text reading “video by” will appear at the foot of this end card.
  17. If you have any company style/brand guidelines providing details of fonts & colours etc that we should adhere to then it is your responsibility to inform us of this & supply the appropriate document/s prior to the shoot date.
  18. A first draft (or “offline”) version of the video will be supplied to you for review at which point you are able to provide us with comments for any changes that you feel are required. Once they have been discussed & any revisions implemented, the sequence will then be colour graded & sound mixed before the final video is delivered to you in your preferred format/s (YouTube spec 1920 x 1080 H.264 Codec .mp4 file if no preference is made) ready for you to upload & use on your website & across your social media platforms etc.
  19. Please note we are VAT registered (VAT 997 4165 62) so all costs are subject to VAT.

If you feel your business will not comfortably fit into the above criteria then please do get in touch so that we can calculate a revised cost tailored to your requirements. Offer expires 31/07/15.